The idea for the B-Clamp® was conceived by leading bariatric surgeon Moises Jacobs M.D.  as a reversible sleeve-like procedure and an alternative to the existing surgical procedures and products which have limited effectiveness or that develop many side effects for patients.


In 2009 ADVANCED BARIATRIC TECHNOLOGY, LLC.  (ABT) was incorporated in Florida, USA as a privately held Limited Liability Company for the purpose of doing R&D, Engineering and bringing the product from a concept to a reality.  ABT has strategic partnerships with leading medical device developers and manufacturers to make the B-Clamp® a success in addressing the growing world-wide need for obesity therapy .

ABT currently has a significant portfolio of US and International Patents and trademarks related to the B-Clamp® .

Our team

Moises Jacobs, MD

Dr. Jacobs is a pioneer in the field of laparoscopic surgery, who has been a practicing surgeon in Miami for 36 years. He became interested in bariatric surgery 25 years ago. He was part of the FDA trials for the Lap Band and Realize band in the USA. Currently he is the Medical Director of the Gastric Sleeve Center in Miami. He realized early on both the benefits and disadvantages of the Band and the Gastric Sleeve. Due to his experience he invented the B-Clamp by marrying the advantages of both the band and the sleeve. He is a Cofounder of ABT.

Gustavo Plasencia, MD

Dr. Plasencia is a pioneer in laparoscopic surgery who has been in practice in Miami for 36 years, who is also world renowned in robotic surgery. He has written many articles, lectured and apprenticed hundreds of surgeons throughout his career, and has authored a book on his techniques. He is a professor of surgery at Florida International University, and has been in partnership with Dr. Jacobs for over 30 years. He is a Cofounder of ABT.

Natan Zundel, MD

Dr. Zundel is a Clinical Professor of Surgery at the Department of Surgery University at Buffalo, NY. Dr. Zundel has served as a Founder, Active or/and Honorary member of Surgical, Laparoscopic and/or Bariatric Societies in 46 Countries around the world. He was the President of several international surgical societies including the World Congress of Endoscopic Surgery (2012), and the International Federation for Obesity Surgery (2016). He is Editor or Co-Editor of 8 Books.  Dr. Zundel is a Senior Advisor to ABT.

Jesus R. Armenteros

Jesus is the CEO of Arriol International which is part of a group of companies dedicated to the production of Medical Devices and Diagnostic Kits.   The medical device group has been in operation since 1970 and is serving North and South America, European and Pacific corporate clients. Jesus is in charge of R&D and manufacturing of the B-Clamp®.  Jesus is a Cofounder of ABT.

Carlos Padron, ESQ

Carlos is a practicing attorney in Miami with 25 years experience in business law, commercialization of start-ups, and in merger and acquisitions. He is the head of the legal department of ABT since inception. His indispensability not only comes from his extensive legal knowledge, but also from his “common sense” approach to the many legal requirements facing ABT. He is a Cofounder of ABT.

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