Stomach with BariClip

Stomach with B-Clamp®

What is the B-Clamp ?


 The B-Clamp  consists of a silicone covered titanium backbone with an inferior flexible hinged opening that separates a medial lumen from an excluded lateral gastric pouch,  in a design that mimics the Magenstrasse and Mills procedure.


The  B-Clamp marries the best qualities of the Sleeve Gastrectomy with removability. The B-Clamp is a removable medical device that is placed vertically parallel to the lesser curvature. The inferior opening allows the gastric juices to empty from the fundus and the body of the stomach into the distal antrum. It measures approximately 165 mm long by 11 mm wide and has a 10 mm inferior opening. It fits through a 12 mm to 15 mm Trocar when opened flat. 


The B-Clamp requires no maintenance or adjustments. It is placed without the use of staples, without removal of any tissue, without alteration of the normal anatomical flow, and causes minimal reflux. 


The B-Clamp is NOT a band, nor does it function as one.


The %EWL achieved by various groups throughout the world is approximately 60 % at 2 years. Our own study demonstrates approximately 45% EWL at 5 years.


Comparison of the B-Clamp  to the Sleeve:


B-Clamp                                                                                  Sleeve


Reversible                                                                                      Irreversible


Placed vertically                                                                         Vertical Gastrectomy


Restricts                                                                                          Restricts


Minimal reflux, nausea, vomiting                                      5% Reflux


1 % erosions, non emergent situations                         1-2% leaks, life threatening


No stapling, no cutting, no change in anatomy         Most of stomach removed with Stapling


No kinking                                                                                       Kinking


No bleeding                                                                                    Bleeding


May be done as an outpatient procedure                    Requires Hospital Stay


If it fails may be converted to sleeve or bypass         If it fails may be converted to bypass

B-Clamp Procedure Animation

If a Hiatal Hernia is identified, it should be repaired before B-Clamp®  placement. 

Anterior View of finished Clip procedure

Once placed the resultant lumen of the stomach as seen by UGI (see below).

Since the inferior aperture of the B-Clamp®  doesn’t have a titanium base, it is wide and flexible enough to allow examination of the excluded portion of the stomach by a gastroscope.  Below is an endoscopic view of the excluded portion of the stomach. The scope has passed through the inferior aperture of the clip and is looking back towards the excluded fundus. The diameter and the flexibility of the inferior aperture to distend allows for wide drainage of the fundus and body of the stomach.

The B-Clamp® was designed in a way that the closing pressures are low. This was done to minimize the risks of erosion.

Because of the low pressure of the excluded side of the stomach and the wide inferior aperture, any back flow from the antrum or duodenum extends into the excluded stomach, thus patients don’t experience reflux .

                             Video of UGI Refluxing into excluded Stomach

In conclusion, the B-Clamp®  is a gentler, kinder procedure. It offers the benefits of being restrictive, requiring no maintenance or adjustments, without altering the GI tract, without the use of staples, without tissue removal, offering similar weight loss to current procedures without causing reflux, while being removable. 


Our aim is not to detract from any other available procedures, but to offer an alternative that will help increase the 1% of patients who are currently being served by the only meaningful, safe and sustainable method to lose weight…Bariatric Surgery.

 Feel free to get in touch with us. We will be happy to answer any questions about the B-Clamp .

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